BATCA Community Heroes Award

Mushkil Action won the Balham and Tooting Community Association (BATCA) in March 2019


See nomination entry below- Thanks to everyone who supported us

Calamity struck Mushkil Aasaan, a local Community Care Charity, when their contract for Homecare was lost in a Tender process to commercial providers. After 25 years of a dedicated exemplary service to the Community, it was inconstruable that it could just end like that in meeting the cultural and faith needs of the diverse Community and the livelihood of 100 staff.

True to its belief that in every calamity lies the seed of good, out of it arose a voice of solidarity in the form of MushkilAction. For Mushkil Aasaan and the Community, it brought a wealth of support from the highest calibre of people and organisations in turning it into a celebration of unity and achievement with all their wonderful strengths and talents:

Cllr Paul White in leading Mushkilaction. Rosenna Allen Khan, our local MP for turning up at our Public Event with such personal support.
Malik Gul – forever wanting to change the systems approach and always being there in understanding the values of Mushkil Aasaan.
Jane Brigginshaw with her reassuring smile and being there to guide at all times
Kate Allen with always her wise words of support
James Grant for turning all thoughts and feelings into words
Ali Jaffri for his IT and instant web managing skills,
Norman Maclean as a tower of true strength and campaign skills of leafleting against all adverse weather conditions with a whole team
Maurice Mcleod – standing up for us with such a beautiful speech in full council
Shazia Wahab bringing to light our silent work in the form of Client feedback and videos
The zestful Tooting Transition Team with their organizational acumen and skills in making our Public event such a celebration against all odds, even with last minute loss of electricity!

Organisations like CAB, Caras, ELAYS, Places of Worship, Community Leaders, and
Clients/ carers and families to make their voices heard.

And not to forget families abroad in prayers and sacrificing goats on our Public Event Day!