Dec 2018

Mushkil Action! 19 December update

We thank all who stand with Mushkil Aasaan. Our campaign asked Wandsworth councillors not to approve the new Homecare contracts but look again at the huge impact of cancelling specialist, culturally sensitive care.The decision to stop contracting a specialist service after 25 years of successful provision was wrong. It was also handled very badly, without consultation with Service Users and very limited support for Mushkil Aasaan.

It feels that Mushkil Aasaan were never on a level playing field and the equality impacts were not taken into account.Sadly at the council meeting a close vote saw the majority of councillors approve the new contracts, leaving Mushkil Aasaan an uncertain future.This ignored our community, which had come out with one voice to ask the council to think again. Hundreds signed our petition. Many individuals, community and faith groups wrote to councillors. Our public meeting brought 180 people together to hear powerful testimony from service users, their families, community leaders and care workers.We are proud that despite the vote not going our way, these voices have been heard.There are positives that have come from this difficult time. It was inspiring to see the Wandsworth community rise in support of Mushkil Aasaan, showing how valued it is.Mushkil Aasaan has never sought publicity and its work happens behind-the-scenes in communities and in individual homes.

Our campaign recognised the value of the women who established and run Mushkil Aasaan and of care workers who are often unheralded in our society.We have had some warm words from the council. They say they want to work with Mushkil Aasaan and value its service. Those words must become action.We have proposed practical suggestions that could secure Mushkil Aasaan’s future. It is now for the council to explain how it will offer support and ensure our diverse communities are not left behind.Our campaign will not be over until we have secured the future of Mushkil Aasaan and culturally sensitive Homecare.

We will continue to need your support and your action over the coming weeks and months.

Mushkil Action!